Friday, 30 May 2014


We made flubber today! The boys thought it was pretty cool! Here's the link:

It was very easy and quick to make.


Random Five Friday

1. I'm soooooooooo excited to  plant a garden this weekend! It was tilled last night. I didn't get to plant a garden last year because we built the house where I always had a garden. And with lots to do in and around the house I just didn't bother with one. Tanner is pretty excited to help.

2. It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wooooooooooo! I'm so ready for the weekend.

3. This morning Tanner had to go for a pee so off he went. I thought he seemed to be taking awhile just to go for a pee. Finally he comes out. He comes to me and tell me that he filled my toilet paper drawer back up because it was empty! I had bought a new pack of tp the other day and just left it sitting in the bathroom, apparently Tanner thought it needed to be put away! Ha ha.

4. It's May 30 and so far all we have in the ground is about 8 acres of silage corn and maybe 15 of sunflowers. It's getting to the desperation stage now. Not mention all the cows are still home! They will start to leave tomorrow and hopefully by Monday night they'll all be gone.

5. One more day and it's June! It's our birthday month in this family, with three out of the four of us having June birthdays. Hubby on the 1st, Tanner on the 9th and Ali on the 27th! Busy busy month. Two wknds will also be camping trips. And trying to seed and spray!

You'll probably be laughing at my weird random picture of my nice, CLEAN, TIDY counter! I consider it to be quite an achievement these days... It gives a big sigh of relief!

Happy Friday!

Friday, 23 May 2014

'Tis the season for BONFIRES!!

Last weekend we had our first bonfire at the Lazy M!! It was a beautiful evening and the kids had fun. Many more to come this summer!!

Big Girl Bed

Last Sunday we finally set up Ali's big girl bed. She was soooooo excited! She was just not sleeping well in her crib anymore and this momma cannot function on the little amount of sleep I've been getting. Yes, it is a, we learned our lesson when Tanner went to a bed. We spent a lot of time lying/sleeping with him and it was a twin and very uncomfortable. So this time around we will start off with a bigger bed and when she is used to going to bed on her own, we'll switch it out for a smaller bed. Then this one will go into the basement for a guest bed. She is growing up too fast!


Sunday, 18 May 2014

We are rolling!

It's may 18th and we are finally moving in the field! Other than fertilizing our winter wheat last weekend. Corey was able to get one field disced today, it's too bad we didn't get near the fall work done in the fall as we should of. Anyways, slowly but surely we will get there.
Picture is courtesy of my hubby's iPhone.
Have a great long weekend,  I sure am!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Marshmellow mustache

We were at a bonfire with friends last night and the older kids were roasting Ali marshmellows. She was pretty sticky when she finished and fell face first into the grass. It was so hilarious bc she just wanted it off but it didn't just come off that easy! Good times.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Happy Birthday to me...

 Yesterday was my 27th birthday. My Hubby took me out for supper (without the kids) and it was an excellent evening. Tonight he ordered up a Birthday cake from his parents as they were in town and we had a small birthday party at home. It was so nice, it made my day! My Mom, Grandma Friesen, Grandma Klassen, my in-laws and my kidlets and hubby were all here. It was perfect.
 Our kids LOVE their Great Grandma Friesen. I treasure all these pictures I get of them together. My Grandma is hilarious, stops in unannounced all the time. And just makes herself at home. Which is good, that's what everyone is supposed to do here :)

Good night, Ashley

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Donut Doctor

His exact words were, "I'm the donut doctor!!! " lol. It made my evening. Got a few more stragglers needled and tagged.