Thursday, 6 April 2017

People with no kids kids think they know

So a long time ago I watch a video clip of this English comedian. Let me tell you - he had tears STREAMING down my face. If you have never watched him before, go to YouTube and type the title of this post in. So. Flipping. Hilarious.

I think that the title of this post comes to me almost daily and I burst out laughing. It comes to me daily because his video clip is so bang on true. Everything he mentions in it is stuff that happens daily to all parents.

Being a parent is the most mentally and physically exhausting journey of my life. I don't know how many times my kids do things or say things (fifty times over in a 30 second time frame) in a day, that make me want to lock myself in the bathroom or run away. Then in the same token, I don't know how many times in a day that they make my heart burst with pride and so much love for them it's crazy!

Here are some examples of moments that make me lose my mind. Up in here, Up in here. LOL, see what I just did there? Yep, definitely losing my mind.

*Just imagine all the daily things a normal person does every day. Talking on the phone, making meals, talking to their spouse, going to the washroom, and on and on.... And getting interrupted for everything you are trying to do all. day. long. "Mom." MOM!!!!!" "MOOOOOMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!" "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!" and let's multiply those "Mom." 's by about a million. That's how many times I hear My name in a day, or an hour depending on the day. Some days by about 7-8 pm, if someone calls me Mom one more time, I will pitch them out the front door. It's kind of like comparing it to someone poking you in the arm all day long. And never stopping for umpteen years.*

*Bedtime. Need I say more?? No, I need not. But I will. It's like the hugest, most largest surprise of my children's life every. single. day. Say what?????????????????????? We have to do what?? Even though they are so tired that they don't even like themselves by 8 pm. If only they knew how wonderful and precious sleep really is. I usually have to ask 50 times for each of them to go brush their teeth, get undressed, and on and on. I have a love/hate relationship with bedtime. It's all about the negotiations. I could be a professional negotiator. I wonder if that's a thing??*

*Getting ready to go places and actually going places with our kids. It's funny, I don't really care to terribly much about having to deal with my kids being shitheads in public or at someone's house. They have to learn in public how to act in public. But there are some places you just are much more comfortable going to with your kids. Like friends or family's homes who also have shithead kids ha ha ha. Our middle child is a very strong-willed little girl. You can't just tell her "No." without having a fight on your hands. About every little thing. Everything is a big deal to our little girl. I've told this story lots, but one time I was at Bulk Barn with my two youngest. So Ali was about 4 and Whit was 1. If you have ever been to Bulk Barn you know that there are MANY temptations there for little children. I had already let Ali pick some treats and as we were headed through the till she spotted something else that she wanted. I told her that she already picked something and that was it. She proceeded to have a massive meltdown. Hitting and kicking me. Screaming at me. Laying on the floor. The whole nine yards. Keep in mind, the cashier was almost done running my things through. I had Whit on my hip who wasn't yet walking, I had to carry all my purchases out by hand because you can't take their carts out and then I had to keep my cool, pull her off the floor and drag her out to the van. As I get to the van, I had a middle aged lady walk out the door behind me and say, "Good for you for sticking to your guns." I said to her, "There is no other way!" Oh and getting ready to go somewhere, it takes about 6 hours to get out the door. The shoes and jackets that you need to go out the door are rarely at the door. You usually have to search high and low and end up finding that last shoe behind the toilet. ha ha. No joke. There are days when we just leave without shoes, they are over rated anyways, right?!*

*Feeding children. They never like what you make for supper. Even if it's their favorite thing. Half of it goes on the floor. And they all have to poop right in the middle of supper. Seriously, is that only our house? Lol.*

I could go on and on and on............... I'm starting to sound like a bad parent but in reality, I'm just telling you like it is. It does not mean that I don't love my kids because they are my whole world. I can't imagine my life any different. One day it will be too quiet and I'll wish it back.

What I'm really trying to portray is that if you don't have kids, you just don't know. They change you and your life in so many ways imaginable.

There are a lot of hilarious moments. (Well most of it is hilarious enough to laugh at all day long) Like yesterday, we are driving down a dirt road and Tanner says randomly out of the blue in an all serious voice - I think that's a penguin and a buffalo out there in that field. LOL. My husband just about died laughing. But then again, if your not a parent, you might not find it funny!


Tuesday, 28 February 2017

How do we do it?

The topic of this post came to me after I was on the phone with a fellow hockey Mom today. We were talking about what we were keeping busy with that morning and of course calving came up. We are in the thick of calving right now. Between 6 and 10 am this morning we had six calves!

I mentioned that in addition to chores lately I've had a couple of calves to help everyday. There is always the odd one that doesn't get sucking right away and it is crucial that they get colostrum within the first four hours of life. She asked me how I manage that with the kids? I didn't really know how to answer the question right away! I just do.

Another reason I thought to write this post was because of a conversation we had with some friends a couple weekends ago. They made the comment that they could not do all that we do with our kids. Meaning chores on a daily basis, taking them along to whatever it is we are currently doing on the farm that day, checking pastures, fieldwork, tagging calves, processing cows/calves and the list goes on and on.

So these comments and questions made me think...

How do we do it?

We really have no choice. Here on our particular farm, it takes ALL of us to make our world go around. All hands on deck. That's just the way we roll. Our kids have been coming to the barn quite literally since they were born. Our youngest is two. I remember when she was just days old (born on January 9), bundling her up in a carrier and blanket, putting one of my husband's coats on over top of her to trudge out to the barn.

This time of year when we are calving, the barn is not particularly a safe place for kids... that being said, there are dangers year round on the farm. I have been known to use many different methods of containment to keep our kids out of the road.

Strollers (the bigger the wheels, the better), old high chairs, mangers...

Our kids grow up knowing what they can and can't do in the barn. I'm not saying that they don't ever do things they shouldn't, because they do. But they are learning common sense on the fly. This Momma also has eyes in the back of her head.

Either the kids follow us around and do what we are doing (forking hay, filling pails with grain, gathering eggs, filling water pails, etc.) OR they play. They is lots of space in our barn for the kids to run and play out harms way. This time of year the cold weather can also be a bit of an issue. Our barn is quite warm all winter. We have to keep it warm with all the cows, horses, pigs and chickens so that the water doesn't freeze. So quite often our kids have no toques or mitts on inside the barn. Or else they are riding in the tractor feeding cows and it's warm in there too!

If we did not tag along with my farmer and help with what's going on, we would not see him very much. Plus the things our kids are learning along the way are so valuable. It is very important to me that our kids know where their food comes from and that they do not become removed from the farm. Whether or not they choose a farming career or a career in Ag, they will take with them all the lessons that are only learnt on the farm.

I believe we can do anything we put our minds to.


Thursday, 16 February 2017

Canada's 1st Ever Agricuture Day

I have been away from my blog for a very long time......between not feeling like it, too busy and our computer crapping the bed, I just have been MIA. But I'm back and I hope to do a bit of catching up. What better way than to post about Canada's 1st ever Agriculture Day!? I'm wondering what the heck took us so long to come with a day to devote to Canadian Ag when it is ever so present day in and day out, three plus times a day?

So I think I have to share some Ag pictures to help celebrate this day that is one of my greatest passions. I heart agriculture.

 Ooops...of course I had to pick a picture with a wild oat in the way. It was in the ditch, I swear, we do not have those jerks in our fields LOL LOL.

I am so proud we can help grow food for the world. And raise our kids on the farm as well. I could not imagine raising them anywhere else!! They may not stay here but they will definitely take sooo much with them that will assist them in so many aspects of their lives. It is these 'things' I speak of that makes this mamas heart not worry so much about them going into this big, scary world...they will be just fine.

Have a great night!

Sunday, 18 September 2016

My favorite season of all.

While everyone else is longing for summer to stay, I'm longing for the cold nights that make me add another blanket. I long for the cold mornings that make me put on wool socks and my slippers. With the cooler weather means seeing my farmer a little bit more and our kids slowly begin to believe that he really does sleep at home every night! Lol. I love fall and everything it brings.




Leaves falling.

Cows come home.

Silage goes into a pile.


Chili and buns.


Life slows down. A bit.





Did I mention family?

A few days ago I seen a phrase/quote on Facebook and it has just stuck with me like crazy. It hit home with me:

Nowadays people run, run, run! Me included. Or I think I'm running too much sometimes. We limit how many extra things we put our kids in. Time spent at home is so much more important. There are things our kids see and learn on the farm that NO extracurricular activity can teach. We have SO much to be Thankful for here at home.

We are so blessed. Take for example, last night we had a family bonfire at the cabin which is across the road in the bush from us. It does not get any better than that!!!! Our kids ran till they were exhausted with their cousins. Their cousins are their first best friends of life. They are making precious memories playing in the bush, playing hide and seek, looking for deer and going on by-side rides with their Grandpa. You can't make this stuff up people. It's REAL. And  all it cost us was hotdogs and chips!

The work we do keeps us busy and yes, it does pull us away from home here and there. The cows will come home, lots of times with the help of neighbors, who happen to be family to us. Combining, baling, checking pastures, bringing cows home, selling calves, preg checking - just a few of the things that we will do this fall that brings us together as a family. We have had many, many meals together this time of year around tables, on tailgates and in the field or on the road. Just so much to be Thankful for!

Now here a few pictures to show you what my farmer and I are so Thankful for. Our family.

Cheers! Hope it's not months before I get the urge to post again!


Friday, 1 July 2016

The days go by so fast!

Life is a blur right now. Feed kids, change kids, clean kids, sleep, repeat. Oh right, feed chickens (and now ducks), laundry, dishes, run farm errands, make and run lunches and coffee, and in and on. 

Here are some pictures to show you what we've been up to.

Friday, 27 May 2016

Crazy Chicken Lady

Almost two months ago I bought my first bunch of laying hens. 15 white leghorns and 1 little bantam. I never imagined the kids and I would enjoy them as much as we are! And then a couple weeks ago I went to get 1 rooster.... And came home with three!! Ha ha. So I guess that classifies me as a crazy chicken lady.