Sunday, 18 September 2016

My favorite season of all.

While everyone else is longing for summer to stay, I'm longing for the cold nights that make me add another blanket. I long for the cold mornings that make me put on wool socks and my slippers. With the cooler weather means seeing my farmer a little bit more and our kids slowly begin to believe that he really does sleep at home every night! Lol. I love fall and everything it brings.




Leaves falling.

Cows come home.

Silage goes into a pile.


Chili and buns.


Life slows down. A bit.





Did I mention family?

A few days ago I seen a phrase/quote on Facebook and it has just stuck with me like crazy. It hit home with me:

Nowadays people run, run, run! Me included. Or I think I'm running too much sometimes. We limit how many extra things we put our kids in. Time spent at home is so much more important. There are things our kids see and learn on the farm that NO extracurricular activity can teach. We have SO much to be Thankful for here at home.

We are so blessed. Take for example, last night we had a family bonfire at the cabin which is across the road in the bush from us. It does not get any better than that!!!! Our kids ran till they were exhausted with their cousins. Their cousins are their first best friends of life. They are making precious memories playing in the bush, playing hide and seek, looking for deer and going on by-side rides with their Grandpa. You can't make this stuff up people. It's REAL. And  all it cost us was hotdogs and chips!

The work we do keeps us busy and yes, it does pull us away from home here and there. The cows will come home, lots of times with the help of neighbors, who happen to be family to us. Combining, baling, checking pastures, bringing cows home, selling calves, preg checking - just a few of the things that we will do this fall that brings us together as a family. We have had many, many meals together this time of year around tables, on tailgates and in the field or on the road. Just so much to be Thankful for!

Now here a few pictures to show you what my farmer and I are so Thankful for. Our family.

Cheers! Hope it's not months before I get the urge to post again!


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