Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A tidbit of the Thresherman's Reunion from our family's point of view.

 I would love to go into way more detail about these pictures but it is currently 10:54pm. I want need to shower yet (lol). I have to get up at 5:45am tomorrow morning. I just don't feel like it nor do I have the time. Anywho, this fellow here is cultivating. Also his roan team came from my in-law's JI Bar Ranch.
 Six hitched to a drill! This was probably one of my favorite parts of the whole week. Also a bit nerve wracking as the drove them through the parade, but all went well! My Hubby got to drive them along with two other guys.
 My in-law's in the Democrat. Back in the day this is what they called the 'Buckboard'.
 Just breath taking!

 The guys who worked together to drive them through the parade. Since being hitched six across is not something we do regularly, they each drove a team individually but were all hooked to the drill together.
 Combine harvester.
 Three horse binder. Cuts the crop and spits it out into piles that are later stooked.
 A hearse.
 Three generations.
 Pitching sheaves onto the rack to bring to the Threshing machine.

 Grain wagon pulled by a pair of feisty little Haflingers.
 This was a School Bus believe it or not!
 Another Democrat, a fancier one that 'richer' people would have drove back in the day.
 Land roller.
 String of three pack mules.
 Four horse Discer.

Last but not least, an outrider! :)

I have soooooo many more pictures but that's all for tonight .

Thursday, 25 July 2013

This & That

Today I was up really early.  By ten am I had 4.5 dz buns made. I plan on making muffins, cookies and perhaps a rice krispie cake yet. Ali loves to climb in everything and anything, I find her in the drawer of the oven all time! (FYI the oven was not on at this time lol...) Yesterday I went to Brandon with my sister-in-law yesterday. I had two sweet finds! My hubby could not believe that this made my day.

1. A wide mouthed funnel for canning! No more sticky rims! Woot woot! Lol.

2. Salsa mix. Add your tomatoes and vinegar and voila! You have salsa. In a jar sealed that is.

Anyway, have a great wknd! We will be spending it at the Thresherman's Renunion.


Friday, 19 July 2013

Day at the beach!

We spent the afternoon at Delta beach with my Mom. It was kind of gross actually because it smelled like dead and there was dead fish everywhere and it was very windy. Nonetheless we made the best it and had fun anyways! Tanner had fun in the sand playing with his pail.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Checking fall rye and making hay

There's post #2 for today.

Wiens Family Reunion 2013

This past weekend was our Wiens Family Reunion. It took place at my Grandma's place. It was nice to catch up with family from Saskatchewan, Alberta and BC.

Majority of people stayed in campers & tents. We camped over in our camper Saturday night.
 The sandbox was definitely a hit with Tanner! He spent a lot of time there.

 Playing...a game of some sort.
 So this little boys Mom is my third cousin, so I guess that would make Ali and him fourth cousins?
 Penny parade and auction.

 Our auctioneer, he can take quite a bit of razzing! And he definitely got razzed lol.
 Aunt Anna (my Grandma's sister) and Grandma with Ali.
 All the first cousins that were at the reunion.
 So the way this reunion went was our side of the family (meaning my Grandma's kids) were in charge of the food, the yard...well basically putting it all together. So each of my Grandma's kids were put in charge of making a meal. Yes every meal was served here. So delicious. There is nothing like Mennonite cooks I tell you. Here one of my Aunts is deep frying Roll Kuchen that is served with Watermelon. I'm guessing we fed about 50-60 people all weekend.

 Standing in line at the lunch table.
Colleen (married to my Dad's first cousin) holding Ali.

Anyways, it was a great weekend! They are talking that the next one might be in 3 years and in BC! I can't wait!