Thursday, 25 July 2013

This & That

Today I was up really early.  By ten am I had 4.5 dz buns made. I plan on making muffins, cookies and perhaps a rice krispie cake yet. Ali loves to climb in everything and anything, I find her in the drawer of the oven all time! (FYI the oven was not on at this time lol...) Yesterday I went to Brandon with my sister-in-law yesterday. I had two sweet finds! My hubby could not believe that this made my day.

1. A wide mouthed funnel for canning! No more sticky rims! Woot woot! Lol.

2. Salsa mix. Add your tomatoes and vinegar and voila! You have salsa. In a jar sealed that is.

Anyway, have a great wknd! We will be spending it at the Thresherman's Renunion.


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