Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Kids and corn planting

How can someone so little stand up like that?!
I'm sure they were planning out all their little devious plots to get Mom for the day!
Our corn planter this year. We put a tank on behind this year so we can put our fertilizer down with the seed rather than spreading it.

Cute or what!
Good old iPhone pic, Tanner went to plant corn with his Daddy and as per usual made it about one round before he konked out!

Good night!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Happy 6th Anniversary Jeff & Cathryn! ---Reminisce!

 Road trip out..........One of my brother-in-laws.
 My now Hubby. (We were married the following year)
 This was honestly the weather we had when we got there!! Cathryn almost had a harry canary seeing as it was an outside wedding!
 Then it all melted and looked beautiful for their day! Here they are newly married!
 These pictures were saved on my external hard drive and now it won't let me flip them, I love this one so included it anyways.
 Hubby and I.
 ha ha. Cathryn, this one is for you! Well actually the whole post is for you ;)

 The cake. Which our Mother-in-law made for them!
 Brenda and the men in her life!
 Signing her life I mean love away lol!
The Nelson family. Apparently I was not a part of the family ;)
Anyways, Enjoy Cathryn! And yes I do know it`s a day late bc their anniversary was actually yesterday.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

The Weekend

 Found her standing under the table.
 Then I found her in the toy box with her brother.............I really don't know how she got in there short of her either falling in or her brother 'helping' her in!
 They were having a good old time anyways. It was one of those moments when you realize the house is too quiet so you figure you should go check it out.
 We had brunch today for Grandma Manns' 77th birthday.
 Babies just crawl all over the table, no big deal! This is what happens when Grandpa has her...

 Good old play-dough!
 Happy Birthday Grandma!
 Grandma and Tanner blowing out the candles.
 Taking turns.
 Grandma with two of her six great grand kids.
 Grandma with some of her grandchildren. Unfortunately due to work, distance and other life commitments not everyone could be there!
I just had to include this picture of our nephew Caleb. He is so cute! 6 weeks younger than Ali. 

Hope everyone had a great wknd!

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Busy time of year

 Post #2 for the day.
 The boys are watching some more of our cows head off to greener pastures! These are headed to PFRA up North. We are happy to see them go.

Other than putting cows out to pasture, we are also seeding, spreading fertilizer, tillage work and helping neighbors get their cows out as well. We are working on getting our canola seeded right now and then next is the corn. I know, I know it should been in for the long weekend already but we never seem to be with the program. I guess instead of knee-high corn at July 1 we will have toe-high corn ha ha. Ok my hubby would not find that very humorous!  We also have some oats and millet to put in but that will last. Our barley is already in. And in between it all I would love to move into our new house......I'm trying very hard to not bug my hubby about that. Hydro will actually come anytime we are ready to hook the power up. But the water and sewer to be hooked up as well and the house cleaned..................Is it really to much to wish for that I would love to be in it for our sons birthday on June 9?


Our little get-away!

We purchased this very spur of the moment and from two provinces away about a month ago. There really is still honest good people out there. We found it in a Kijiji ad in Calgary, mailed the guy his money, went by the pictures and got exactly what we paid for. We were a little worried we maybe took too big a leap of faith but it all went good. The in-law's were going to visit family there anyways so they brought it home for us. The things I most excited about in comparison to the little bumper hitch we had are:

  • A more comfortable bed
  • A bigger fridge
  • More room
  • Awning
  • A nice non-stinky bathroom
I pretty much love everything about it so I will just quit rambling right there! LOL. We can hardly wait to get out to the hills and/or the Lazy M pasture. Our style of camping is way out in the boonies and beside no one! It is so much fun.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Standing on my own two feet

We have entered another phase in our household. Ali can now pull herself up and stand beside things. First it started in her crib, then the toy box, then the playpen and now the couch! She started crawling about a month ago...and her Birthday is in about a month. Will she be walking by then? I'll keep you posted.


Monday, 20 May 2013

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Carrie Underwood & Hunter Hayes

This was an awesome concert! We don't go to concerts usually but this was worth our money.

Their stage.

My date.

Yes she flew! Right across the whole arena!