Sunday, 12 May 2013

My Happy Mother's Day

 My Mother's Day was a wonderful one. It started off with my little boy bringing me two Mother's Day cards. One from himself and Ali and one from my Hubby. And he wished me a Happy Mother's Day! It made me tear up. I am the luckiest Mommy in the whole world. We then had coffee on the deck. (One of my favoritist things to do) After my little girl went down for her first nap and Tanner went with Dad to finish chores I slipped away to do some more (yes more lol) varnishing on some more doors. We are almost done. We had a very mediocre lunch of KD. After lunch we got ready to go to see my Mom. We had a great wiener roast and visit around the fire. A perfect day.

 Supper included watermelon, which the Tanman LOVES. Unfortunately we had to settle for one that came from Walmart :( As my brother said, "The real ones are not here yet." It was still good, just not as good.
 Miss Ali chilled in the stroller and enjoyed some quality Grandma time.


 I was going through my pictures on my computer looking for one of me and Mom that I could post on fb and I could not find one. So I made a point of getting one tonight.
Then I thought that my bro should join us but our photographer (not naming any names! ;)) kind of cut him off! Oops!

My in-law's are in Alberta this weekend so a phone call to the Mother-in-law will have to suffice till they get home tomorrow. It was a busy and fun weekend. I had so many plans of trying to get a little more organized for my week - have my laundry caught up (Ya right!!!!!), baking done, house tidied, varnishing done, etc. I feel like I did not accomplish much. But I did spend time with my family and that's more important.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone :)

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