Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Plantin' Spuds

 So I made a deal with my Dad. I told him that if we could plant a butt load of potatoes at his place this year that I would help look after them and dig them up in the fall. So here we are plantin' like troopers. This was right up Tanners alley bc anything to do with digging in the dirt, he's there!
 He was kind of savage with that hoe so I had to be careful I didn't get my toe chopped off. Silly me I wore flipflops but when I garden, I love to be in bare feet.

 Our supervisor.

Tanner never had a nap today and went hard all day and evening. This is what he looked like when he got home, shovel still in hand! His face, feet and hands were so filthy. We washed him off with a washcloth and put him to bed. He just wanted to sleep. But then all of a sudden he heard someone drive in the lane..."Who is that Mommy?" (At point I'm thinking, Do I lie to my little man so he will just go to sleep (it's 10pm by this time) or do I tell him it's Grandpa and Grandma home from Alberta?) Well I told him who it was. He was up like a shot! I think he missed them quite a bit! Needless to say it was more like 10:40 pm. bythe time his head hit the pillow.

Anyways, have a wonderful day!

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