Thursday, 23 May 2013

Busy time of year

 Post #2 for the day.
 The boys are watching some more of our cows head off to greener pastures! These are headed to PFRA up North. We are happy to see them go.

Other than putting cows out to pasture, we are also seeding, spreading fertilizer, tillage work and helping neighbors get their cows out as well. We are working on getting our canola seeded right now and then next is the corn. I know, I know it should been in for the long weekend already but we never seem to be with the program. I guess instead of knee-high corn at July 1 we will have toe-high corn ha ha. Ok my hubby would not find that very humorous!  We also have some oats and millet to put in but that will last. Our barley is already in. And in between it all I would love to move into our new house......I'm trying very hard to not bug my hubby about that. Hydro will actually come anytime we are ready to hook the power up. But the water and sewer to be hooked up as well and the house cleaned..................Is it really to much to wish for that I would love to be in it for our sons birthday on June 9?


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