Sunday, 5 May 2013

Spring equals new babies and processing cows

 The newest addition on the JI Bar Ranch! Our first foal, little stud colt. They are always so gangly looking.
 Tanner named him Red. So original, I'm sure it's because of his color lol. 
What will be the black pasture group.
 I love this cow, she is so purdy. One of our own we raised.
 Looking for her baby, we were sorting them off in pairs before we put them through the chute to give them there needles.
 What is whitey doing in the black pen?
 Troop just soaking in the sun.
 My FIL not being goofy at all!
 Uncle Bob and my Hubby.
 One of Steve's bad sides...ha ha.

Safety meeting?

It's hard to believe that we already thinking about and planning our next calving season. This has felt like such a long calving season and winter but here we go again! The heifer bull went out a week ago and the cows will see the bulls next week! Pneumonia has been a big battle here this year so it's nice to get them out of the yard and onto some dry ground to soak up that sun. Anyways, I'm going to post my new cupboards next...should be up in a half hour or so. Sorry Krissy, I know I have been kind of slack :)

Enjoy this beautiful day!

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