Thursday, 23 May 2013

Our little get-away!

We purchased this very spur of the moment and from two provinces away about a month ago. There really is still honest good people out there. We found it in a Kijiji ad in Calgary, mailed the guy his money, went by the pictures and got exactly what we paid for. We were a little worried we maybe took too big a leap of faith but it all went good. The in-law's were going to visit family there anyways so they brought it home for us. The things I most excited about in comparison to the little bumper hitch we had are:

  • A more comfortable bed
  • A bigger fridge
  • More room
  • Awning
  • A nice non-stinky bathroom
I pretty much love everything about it so I will just quit rambling right there! LOL. We can hardly wait to get out to the hills and/or the Lazy M pasture. Our style of camping is way out in the boonies and beside no one! It is so much fun.

Have a great day!

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