Saturday, 6 July 2013

Quadding, eating, horse-back riding, eating & nature!

 So we went on our 2nd annual quad trip to Birch's Lake. It was so much fun. Grandma and Ali brought the truck with lunch and the rest of us (except my Hubby and baby C) quadded. Unfortunately this time of year it is very hard for my Hubby to get time off of work. He had Thursday off to help shingle and that was it :(.
 When we got there we ripped into the lunch. Hotdogs on the fire, chips, cookies etc. Ali was so good.
 Tanner and his 'Grandpa Gordon' as he calls him, having a special moment by the fire.
 My kids and their Grandpa.
 Birch's Lake. We are sooooo blessed to live in this beautiful province. It has endless amounts of beauty. And Mosquitoes. And heat. And ants. And rain. And fly's. And wind. OK all joking aside I really do love this place we live and all it has to offer. He are some of my favorite tidbits:

 Our lunch spot.

 Cows came for a drink while we were there.
 The Tanman taking it all in. Throughout the day I pointed out the flowers, fields and water to him. I want my kids to appreciate their surroundings as much as I do.
 The out-laws! <3
 Me and the kidlets! I look like a brown person I am soooo dirty lol.
 Shells in the sand at the shore.
 Next we toured down to the big Fill. It is where the train used to run. That opening in the trees is where the track used to be.
 It's hard to see in the summer (much easier to distinguish the old track from the new one when there is no leaves on the trees) but those posts you can see out in the middle there is where the train used to be. The new track is off to the left.
 Wild Daisy's. I love them.

 The top of that hill is the new track. The unbelievable thing is that they used  horses and mules and carts to haul all the dirt in for both of these tracks. I am not sure of all the dates but I think I will try and do a blog post on it.
 Our ride!
 Next up, Digger! He is a bit of a superstar around here, the kids love riding him. My Hubby used to rope on him lots.
 My father-in-laws young team, I believe this is Candy.
 And this is Copper.
 The kids, anxiously waiting and feeding Digger some oats.

 The boys.
 Copper and Candy together.

 The girls.
 All of the Grand-daughters on Digger.

 My kidlets on Digger.
I apologize for such a long post but when you make so many memories and fun in one day how do you pick and choose? I don't, I just include them all!


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