Thursday, 4 July 2013

Summer + Family = So much fun!

 Baseball on July 1st!
 Go Daddy Go!
 Batter up!
 Five deep on the quad! Cousins!
 Kids eating supper at Ali's 1st Birthday Party.
 Present time!
 Me love paper :)
 The veranda holds a lot of people!!!

 Baby K, such cute smiles!
 Distant cousins, 7 months in age apart.
 Another cousin, almost 9 months apart in age.
 I'm a one year old now! That means I poke other babies eyes out and steal their suckies!!! lol.
 The sooner this huge dirt pile behind our house goes....the better for Mommy!
 He now has brown hair instead of red!
 My brother-in-law has an awesome pool set at his place. It's a little too deep for the kids but with life jackets and parental supervision it's great! Ali loved it. And it was sooooo hot yesterday that it hit the spot perfectly.
 Snack break, I guess he is having a flat of crackers and cheese?! ha ha.

 And while us women folk were sitting in the pool with the kidlets, the guys were shingling Bryce's roof...yep. ;)
They are hoping to finish it today. 

Good times!

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  1. "Flat of crackers and cheese" made me laugh out loud :)