Friday, 7 February 2014

Random five friday

1. Our power was out for two hours last night. Not sure what happened but it just seemed that it was our little part of the community. According to fb lots of other peoples lights flickered but stayed on. After an hour of trying to play eye spy in the dim candle light we retired for the night.

2. I'm trying to wait ever so patiently for spring. I would take piles of muddy clothes to wash over kids and a Mom that are sick and tired of four walls and a roof!!! (come spring, I'm sure I'll be bitching about the laundry ;) that's ok, just bear with me)

3. I have been plastering the basement bathroom. I started 2 even 3 weeks ago and I think after 4 coats of mud I'm ready to sand...I hope. I have had LOTS of advice from the peanut gallery aka my hubby. But I didn't see him volunteering to try this so he is learning to zip it. (I'm not to proud to take advice, from someone who's done it before ;)) ha ha. Corey's aunt came down and showed me the basics, if I'm happy with it I'll continue with the rest of the basement. If not, someone will be making some money!!!

4. Calving has begun! We have two babies on the ground! 198 to go lol! (approximately)

5. I finally fed my birds today, as I'm filling the feeder they are taking it out lol, not shy anymore! Once they start they don't stop.

Have a great wknd!

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