Saturday, 14 February 2015

I bring to you: the most hilarious days of our life.

Five weeks have gone by since our dear Whitley has come into our lives!! Five weeks. I'm not sure where the time has gone?!

You know, after our second baby I remember saying that going from one to two kids had to be the hardest transition. Anymore than that you would just roll with the would be no big deal. And yet as we approached our due date with #3 I couldn't help but feel very overwhelmed. And...rightly so!

This time around we're dealing with a four and a half year old that I swear has zero ears. Literally zero. There are days -- wait-- who am I kidding, every day I could open the door to the veranda and punt him right out into the flipping snow bank. I could go into much more detail but perhaps I'll save that for another blog post ;-)

We are also dealing with a two year old, the same as the first time around. Oh my bad - a two and a half year old. Would it be the six months difference in age that makes it so different?? Ali is a totally different two year old than Tanner was! She never stops, she's like a little tornado. Climbing on stuff, eating stuff out of the garbage, not sleeping at night, which means she sleeps in our bed, screaming at the top of her lungs, throwing fits over anything and everything, constantly pestering her brother, and on and on!!

Then you throw a new baby into that mix and life just gets hilarious.

Like when the kids decide that they want something to eat or drink RIGHT now (insert whiny Voices) always when I've just sat down and started nursing. Which takes roughly 45 minutes.

Like all the things that happen while I'm nursing... The fighting, the screaming, getting into things because they know I can't get up real quick (believe me, it's possible to get up and keep nursing baby and pillow in, etc.

Like trying to get out the door. Just literally trying to leave the house is nearly impossible!!!  Suddenly it's time to be goofy and do fifty million laps around the house before going to the porch to get jackets on. Thank goodness my hubby has been off work, he's taken Tanner to nursery school for a month now.

Like listening to my hubby bath and or shower the oldest two...all I can do is sit back and laugh my head off. It sounds like a waterfall, a very large one, it sounds like someone is dying in there, it sounds like a circus, one minute we're bawling and then they're laughing at the top of their lungs, screaming, poking eachother, splashing eachother and in mix of all that is what sounds like a giant grizzly bear dishing out threats of spankings and all I can do is sit in the living room and laugh histarically at how hilarious it all sounds.

Like how our four year old gets so upset because his sister told him to {insert very whiny voice} 'Quit!!' and 'He's not even doing anything!!!' lol. Then commences the screaming bloody murder at eachother! Seriously you have selective hearing 99% of the day and you can't just IGNORE her???? Sigh...

Like when our two year old thinks that she needs to 'see' her baby sister when she is so peacefully sleeping and forcefully peels her eyes open.... There goes the 5 or 10 minutes I thought I had to accomplish something while she slept.
Like how our two year old just wants to help, which means whether Whitley likes it or not, that suckie is going in her mouth and staying there!!

Like how lately I feel like it's all I can do to keep my head above water, here I am, doggy paddling for all I'm worth. Trying to at the very least keep my dishwasher running. I've never been someone to keep my house spic and span. I've learned long ago that especially when you have kids, a lived in home is just the norm. But with a baby in one hand and trying to make the other two happy with the other hand, we're on the verge of drowning in laundry, dishes and everything else in between!! 

So, this is not me complaining, this is not me be being ungrateful, this is not me burnt out, I'm just simply stating things that happen on a day to day basis here. And I have learned to laugh histarically at them all!!! Sometimes I can't stop laughing at the ridiculousness of it all that tears are streaming down my face. 

I love this new life of three kids, I love it so much that I really cannot describe it in words to you. It's crazy, it's so hard, it's fun and it's challenging. It has shown me yet another side of my husband that I love so much. He is such a great daddy.

So to sum it up, all my frustrations, the no listening, the things not going the way I'd like them to, just make me laugh. A lot. What else can you do??



  1. Love your perspective and the fact that you can laugh at these things. Not sure I'll be so cool about it when I'm wrangling three!
    Love the story about Ali peeling Whitley's eyelids open. Can just see her doing that!

    1. Well some days are less hilarious than others lol but for the most part I can't help but laugh. At least when your baby comes, it will be nicer outside and you can kick the boys out...I can hardly wait for that.

  2. That's why I like you so much! Your ability to laugh. Keep trucking! Thinking of you!