Saturday, 28 March 2015

A Day to Make Perogies

 Perogies are a food that with it are attached many fond memories for me. Perogies were something we grew up eating lots of. And not the ones you buy out of the store either. Cottage cheese perogies are what we grew up eating. With farmer sausage usually and cream gravy. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I remember helping my Grandma make perogies.
 Mine turned out quite beautiful I must say...and tasted even BETTER! I ended up with 17 cottage cheese and 2 dozen potato and cheese. The kids really enjoyed helping me make them. Mostly they loved turning the handle to roll out the dough. I loved doing that too as a kid. Corey was laughing at me. I would tell Tanner, Ok, go slow - not too fast! So he'd start and I'd say, Not so slow!! LOL. I remember getting the same lecture from my Mom and my Grandma. Have to find the happy medium.
 So we'd roll a piece of dough out like this, put a scoop of filling on it, fold it over and use my pampered chef press and seal to close and cut the perogy out.
 Here I'm doing a cottage cheese one.

 Tanner is cutting out a perogy here.
 Here they are rolling the dough all by themselves!!! I have to say that they were very helpful with making perogies. It was nice.
 A pan full of gold here :)
The left over pieces of dough, we eat the same as the perogies. Boiled or fried with cream gravy. Growing up if kids didn't like the cottage cheese filling them this is what they usually loved to eat instead.

I bought the Mennonite Girls Can Cook recipe book the other day off of Amazon and I'm in love. I also love their blog. This is the recipe I used to make these perogies.

I forgot how easy they really are to make...might have to make them a lot more often!!


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