Monday, 10 August 2015

My favorite time of year

This (and calving season) are my absolute favorite times of the year! When we get to harvest the fruits of our labor is such a great feeling. And even more so when the harvest is plentiful! I love watching the grain fill up the combine hopper. I love watching it pour out of the auger and into the truck with the sun setting in the background and the crisp night starts to wrap it's arms around us. I love the smells of harvest, the air just smells different. (Thank goodness I don't fight with allergies) I love wearing sweaters and sleeping with the windows open. Drinking coffee on my verandah in my slippers and a sweater wrapped around me. Something else I love so much about harvest is that it takes all our family to make it happen. It is a lot of family time, maybe not always happy happy happy if you get my drift but none of this would happen without effort put forth from all of us. Even the kids. They LOVE riding and being a part of what's going on. We try to limit their time in the fields for safety reasons but the fact that my son usually knows more about what's going on out there than I do makes me pretty proud. If his love of farming continues, we will be so proud when he wants to farm the family farm some day. So, not only do I love harvest in the fields, I love harvesting my garden as well. It's not huge but it's producing! Here are some pictures of my favorite time of year so far. We are not yet combining....could be today, tomorrow or the next day. Still trying to dry the barley out that sat in the rain last week.

 Swathing barley. We were also swathing canola the same day but I did not get a picture.

 I have so far picked enough cucs to make eight jars of pickles and lots of fresh eating.

 And I think this is the earliest that I have some almost ripe tomatoes to pick! Yum!

Have a great day!


  1. Yep, it is probably my favourite time of year also. Loving your photos.