Monday, 21 September 2015

A new phase in life

 On September 10, 2015 our little big boy had his very first day of school. He was very excited to get on the school bus. But as he zoomed away from me, this momma couldn't help but tear up. The fact that he was going down the road WITHOUT me!!!! was hard. But anyways, off I went to make sure he got to his classroom all right. He was fine and was ok with me leaving which I knew he would be. I was ok leaving him there because he was ok being there. (If that makes any sense at all?!) It is such a strange feeling not being in touch with him for 8 hours of the day! Your so used to knowing what they're doing and where they are every minute of every day and then you go to not being able to check on them at all....just a strange feeling. I loved every day I had him at home, but he is definitely ready for this stage in life and I'm very excited for him. I pray every night that he gets there and comes home safely.
 His sister had to have a picture with him. Poor girl, I think she was feeling a bit left out. Tanner got lots of new stuff, a lunch packed and on and on!

 We made cookies for when Tanner got home off the bus. She wasn't sure what to do all day without Tanner...

And she painted!


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