Sunday, 16 December 2012

From cows to my kitchen.

Boy O Boy. I feel like I can't get any blogging in hardly. December is slipping out of our grasp faster and faster as the days go by. I try so hard to relish all the precious moments. Our son makes us laugh all day every day. What a blessing he is to us. And our daughter just gets more beautiful every day! Big blue eyes and such cute smiles. I love it.

We managed to get our Gingerbread House built this week! It turned out as lot better than last year. Last year we found a Gingerbread Barn when we were in Grand Forks. I thought - What a cool idea!!! Turns out not so much. It was designed as a hip roof barn so there was just too many pieces to the roof and it would not stay together lol. Anyways here is the finished product this year. Tanner was much more into it this time and so was his Daddy ;)

So it has been a solid month of feeding extra people at my table for morning coffee, lunch and afternoon coffee. I really can't complain (and I'm not) because the end result is a new house BUT I was really hoping that we were going to be done last week till after Christmas. So I would at least have one week to do some Christmas baking, cleaning, gift wrapping and finish Christmas shopping!!! Yeesh. But it sounds like I will have them again this week and that's ok. They are easy to please.  I put a chicken in slow cooker tonight so all I will have to do is make potatoes, veggies and gravy tomorrow. Then what the heck - we might as well just jump right into Christmas full-fledged. Starting on the 22nd we go to Grandma K., 23rd - Mom's, 24th - Dad's, 25th - In-laws and Hubby's Mom's family, 26th - Hubby's Dad's family and my Grandma F.

FIVE days of Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know if I'll survive!!!! ha ha. By the 26th my Hubby will have to roll me home. Between eating too much kids getting minimal nap time not sure what will happen. Well the kids will get naps because we will just miss out on some gathering time for that to happen. I cannot live with a napless Tanner. It just is not fun.

Anyways, an update on the house. All the walls in the house are up except the pantry, windows and doors are ALL in and the electrical has begun!!! I still cannot believe how much work has been done in the last month! Very exciting.

Our two front doors have an oak finish on them so we will be staining them yet. So they will  be a darker wood color yet.
 One piece tub in.
 Patio doors. These have built-in blinds. I'm quite tickled about that!
 Installing door nobs.
 Doors from the outside.
Entrance door.

Saturday morning the Hubby and his Dad decided we needed to make time to Ivomec the fall herd. It was long overdue. My Mother-in-law came over to stay with the kids so I could go help them. I miss going out to do chores and mess with the cows all the time. Before the kidlets came along we used to do that stuff together ALL the time. After we are done having babies and the kids are grown up a little more, I will be outside more again. 

Tonight we got a distress call from our neighbors. They needed a cow picked up. So we all piled in the truck and away we went. It was nice little evening ended with a Christmas drink and visit with them. It was nice way to spend our Sunday evening seeing as we don't get to see K very often :)

Anyways, I think that is plenty long enough. See, this is what happens when I don't get to blog as often as I feel like it! You just have to make sure you sit down with a cup of coffee when you come to read about our happenings!!

Good night!

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