Saturday, 1 December 2012

Two weeks worth of progress!

 They worked really hard all day Friday and managed to close the roof in with plywood. For there only being two out of the five guys that like heights they did not too bad!! Above is my Hubby and Uncle Allan with Bill up higher.

 This is looking towards our master bedroom and the bathroom, you can see we have our one piece bathtub sitting in the house already. Where that step ladder is is where my walk-in pantry will be in our kitchen.
 What will be two more bedrooms and the hallway.
 Living room.
Looking into what will be the kitchen/living room. It's open concept with a vaulted ceiling.

Today the hubby and I cleaned all the garbage and miscellaneous wood that was laying around the house and scraped the snow out. Should be better now with the roof sheeted in to not get so much snow inside. So two weeks ago we started with just the basement! It's so nice to see progress, although I know it will slow down here shortly. We are pretty happy with ourselves, our goal was to have it closed in by Christmas. I think the plan for next week is to build the veranda/deck off the south side of the house so we can put the rest of the rafters up to complete the roof, tin the roof and maybe even put windows and doors in....That's a tall order. Better get my grocery list out again!

On the Christmas note, I hope to get a Christmas tree up tomorrow and a few decorations. I put out a snowman cookie jar's the only decoration I had stored in my house right now, everything else is outside in the garden shed.


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