Thursday, 29 November 2012

Busy day

What a day. I feel like I feel like I have not stopped all day! My day in a nutshell:

-Went to town to run errands including:
-First I stopped to get cash out.
-Then I went and got some groceries.
-Went to local bakery and picked up two dozen cookies for coffee time and buns to go with chili for lunch. (having a total lazy baking day bc of all these errands I left till the bitter end)
-Then I went to the post office to check mail and mail some cheques away and ended up leaving with a big parcel.
-Then I went to pick up our beef at the local butcher and for some reason I did not think to bring anything to put the meat into, luckily she had some big banana boxes to give me :s
-Then I went to get water at Mar-dee and of course they were plum out! So I then had to go back into town and got from chongs.
-Go home, haul everything in and make coffee right away for the guys. (they put the rafters on house today)
-Make chili and potatoes and coleslaw for lunch.
-Put kids down for nap.
-Eat lunch. (It's 1:30 now)
-Cleanup lunch dishes.
-Make biscuits and coffee for coffee break number 2.
-Finally get to chill out after they go back outside.

And in between all that I did quite a few loads of laundry, picked up toys, folded laundry and bathed both kids. Anyways, today our house took even more shape. We have all the rafters on and have started to sheet in the roof with plywood. We would really like to get that all done so it does not get full of snow.

 The rafters starting to go up.
 Looking from the entrance into the house. There are a few walls up in order for the rafters to go on.
 All the rafters on the house.
Rafters all up except for the veranda ones, without them not there it makes our roof look high and funny shaped. You will understand once I have pictures of the finished product to show you.
 Sheeting in roof with plywood.
 I would not want this job! My cousin is a big guy but quite nimble up there.
 Me and the Tanman checking out the progress.
 You can now see the house over top of the house trailer quite well! Yay!

Anywho, chow for now!

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