Monday, 19 November 2012

Yes I actually have contributed to this project!

 On Sunday Corey and I finally got the floor of the house all shoveled off. We had been running a few errands and the kids fell asleep in the truck so we thought we would see if they would let us accomplish this task together, and they did! Every so often I would go and check. I think Ali woke up once and I gave her suckie back and we were good to go again!
As you can see there are a few more sheets to put on yet to have the floor completely done.
 Hubby hard at work!
 See I am actually working!!!!!! I am going to have to try and get people to take pictures of me when I am contributing to this project lol. This worked up a good sweat!
 Our rafters waiting..........These showed up the morning after the snow quit. Like seriously, who drives on from Brandon on SHIT roads with a full load of rafters and expects someone to have their yard cleaned first thing in the morning after a snowstorm wknd??????? Sheesh. So he just dropped them in the snow and we plowed around them.
All the snow we pushed off the floor.

Corey has taken the next two weeks off to work on the house. He has hired a couple of guys to help him out so hopefully the weather holds out and we can get the upstairs walls up and roof on! So there is a good chance there will be some new pictures of true progress in the near future. On another note, this means I will have guys for lunch every day. I need ideas of what to make.....................Help!

Good night!

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