Friday, 2 November 2012

And the house continues to go up.

Yesterday and today we got A LOT accomplished on the house. My uncle, cousin and the other fellow that works with them found some time to come and help us work on the house. Thursday they finished putting the weeping tile all around the basement, waterproof barrier on basement walls, crushed rock and styrofoam down, filled the dirt back in along the outside walls, put the I-beam in place and started on the floor for the main floor. Today they pretty much worked on the floor all day. Then we also had a guy here to drill the piers for our veranda and entrance. We did not get the floor quite done, almost but not quite. Once that is done we start stacking blocks for the main floor walls!

 Putting the I-beam in place.

 Almost there! It goes across the whole length of the house for the floor to sit on.

 The black stuff is the waterproof barrier on the basement and as you can see the dirt is filled in.
 It snowed for half of the day today! It looks like Christmas. Here is my handsome hubby putting up floor joists. I was sure that someone would slip up there and fall down. The snow made it slippery.
 I told the hubby that he has to leave this big pile of dirt where it is so I have a good place to get pictures from a good view. Slowly but surely it's coming together.
 Drilling the piers for our veranda. I do not have any pictures of the floor being covered with plywood, I will get one tomorrow.

Tanner has been sooooooo in love with his sister lately! Like to the point of smothering. He just will not leave her alone. It's cute actually, if she makes any sort of a peep he is instantly by her side asking her what is wrong. LOVES to hold her and he is actually doing really good holding her. She loves him too, constantly smiling and laughing at him.

Tonight I made a Tatertot Casserole and it was soooooooo yummy. This recipe will be a favorite in my kitchen for awhile! And so easy to make! Here is the link: Tatertot Casserole

That's all folks!

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  1. I love your photos Ash! Very exciting to watch this take place for you!