Sunday, 11 November 2012

House update and freezer burnt hotdog buns.

 All that is new new with our house is all the snow that is on it LOL! I'm glad we have the floor on so the basement did not get full.

 Out of the back door.
 Out the front door.
 Getting ready to go to the cabin.

Lifelong friends? yikes ;)
This is the best we could do for a picture of all four of our kids. Of course we always leave it till we are ready to go home and the kids are DONE! lol. Sorry Reg this is the best I could do ha ha!

So since it is hunting season, it is a tradition to have a 'Fish Fry' where our hunting crew and families get together every weekend to fry up our most current catch of meat. It's funny that we call it a fish fry because the purpose is to fry the deer meat but lots of times nobody is lucky enough to shoot anything so then we end up frying beef lol...

Last night was Fish Fry number 1...I guess to end Muzzleloader (Deer-1 Hunters-0) and to kick off rifle season. We headed over to our cabin across the road which is where we were all meeting at about 7 pm and by the time we got there both kids were sleeping so I just decided to take them home and put them to bed. So, I missed the partay last night. One of my girlfriends took pity on me and spent the evening with me while her hubby went to the fish fry.

Then today rolled around and Tanner was upset because he never got to go to the cabin so we promised him that after his nap we would go to the cabin and have a fire and roast some hotdogs. The hubby and a couple of his buddies decided to site in their guns and afterwards we all gathered at the cabin and proceeded to have a lovely Sunday evening of laughs and stuffing our faces with hotdogs and chips. Not to mention a rum and a whiskey here and there ;) Although this was kind of spur of the moment plans and we didn't really have any hotdogs or buns so Reg and I both had to mooch from our mother-in-laws!! And really who keeps fresh hotdog buns in their house in November??????? lol. I must say that a camp stove hotdog really drowns out the taste of a freezer burnt bun!

We were discussing how city people would be so bored (and probably disgusted) with our Sunday entertainment! This cabin is nothing fancy. It is an old granary that we pulled into the bush and put an old wood stove in. There has been so many memories made there. I believe it has been there for 4-5 years. It is a pit stop for the sleigh trail, a place to we have family gatherings, a place to have Birthday party's, a home for the mice (no joke ha) and it's where we spend Christmas Eve every year. A lot of BS has been told there and so many laughs.

So all in all it was a wonderful place to spend a few hours while it snowed to it's hearts content today!


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  1. The pictures are perfect. I love them. A great spur of the moment, snowed-in type of night!