Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Passing down family recipes one generation at a time

So lately I have been on a mission to organize my duo-tang that is supposed to be my 'Canning Diary' but is also filled with my random collection of recipes. I have been wanting to make a Recipe Binder, so I started the task. I had been telling my mother-in-law about my project. I think I must of talked about it at least two or three times, the last time being at her house. Because all of a sudden she says she has something for me. It's something that she started working on for my birthday and hadn't finished it yet. Out she brings a Recipe Binder! It has our family name on the front and everything, cards to write recipes on, page protectors, etc.

Needless to say, my crappy binder went to the wayside and I transferred my recipes to the new binder.

I don't know if she could have given me a gift that meant more to me than that. I just wanted her to know how special this is to me, it's not a fancy elaborate gift or anything but I'm a lover of practical meaningful gifts.

In it she had recipes from Grandma Manns, Grandma Nelson, herself and some of Corey's aunts. Unfortunately I never got the pleasure of meeting Corey's Grandma & Grandpa Nelson and I really wish I had. I have been told more times than not how much Corey is his Grandpa Joe. Brenda even inserted a funny little phrase that Grandpa Joe used to say pertaining to a certain recipe. That made it even more special. Apparently she has more recipes to add to it yet and I can't wait to see them :)

This is something that I will treasure and use for all of my days! I love it.

Thank-you Mom-in-law!

Cheers & Goodnight!

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