Saturday, 17 November 2012

Bittersweet Horfrost and Sunrises.

This morning we woke up to some beautiful horfrost!! I love horfrost. The old wives tale is that 6 months to the date later we should receive rain and if that is true that is wonderful. It means we will get a rain mid-may. Let's pray it happens bc we will most likely need it. (Unless we get PILES more snow yet)

It's also things like horfrost (and sunrises/sunsets etc.) that really make me sad for the people who are either sick in a hospital bed (too sick to go out) or passed on. Because these are such beautiful things that God created for us to enjoy and know that there is always a new day or that no matter how bad it seems there is ALWAYS something good about your day. Seriously. All I have to do is watch the sun rise and it makes me feel so rejuvenated, full and content. (not every morning mind you...he he but most) Anyways I guess it just tugs at my heart because they will never experience these things with us again. Someone said me today that my Grandpa will be able to experience these things through my eyes. I want to Thank that friend. She is so right, not only will he be able to cherish those wonderful moments in life with us still but he will always be with us. I know my Grandpa is going to Heaven and for that I am glad. Mom said he was singing in the hospital the other day and he even had a nurse that could speak a bit of low German and she sang 'What a Friend We Have in Jesus' with him. Oh how I wish I could have been there to hear him sing one last time and also to sing with him. My Grandpa loves music and loves to play instruments.

When I sat down tonight I had absolutely NO intentions of writing about Grandpa. But when my fingers touched the keyboard I could not stop. I love my Grandpa so much and I am SO blessed to have had all my Grandparents alive till just a couple of years ago. Not many people get to spend as much time with them as myself and my cousins have, or even introduce to them their Great Grandchildren! So for that I am Thankful.

So when you get to Heaven Grandpa, please say Hello to Grandpa Friesen, sing with the angels, make some home-made Summer, Comst Borsht or Noodle Soup with Jesus and don't forget to behave!

Goodnight Grandpa.
Love Ash


  1. Beautiful post Ashley! I remember him stopping me in the store several years ago and chatting with him about making soup. Not too many grandpas I know that liked to cook soup :)

  2. Yes he made better soup than Grandma even!