Monday, 26 November 2012


Today we got our upstairs walls for our house finished. Which was a BIG sigh of relief. We had it reinforced as much as we could so the wind wouldn't blow the styro foam away but you never know with this wind have been having. So it was great to get that done. I will post pics either tomorrow night or the day after. It has been a very busy last couple of weeks. Making lunch for a minimum of four guys every day plus making sure there was food for coffee breaks in there to. I have made soups and sandwiches, burgers, salads and today for lunch was roast beef. I put it into the slow cooker last night on low so it would be ready for lunch today. Then of course all the fixings that go with it. Potatoes, veggies, tossed salad and gravy. A few things I have made for coffee breaks include biscuits (I will share this recipe a later date as it is delish and my mom-in-laws), cookies, muffins, rice krispie cake and texas sheet brownie.

Funny note about today. My morning started with a VERY poopy little girl! It was not wipe worthy - she went straight to the tub! Yeesh. And then tonight when I went to change her into PJ's and feed her she was poopy from toenails to eyebrows again! What have I been eating.....Hmmm.

Thanks to my mom-in-law who fed our volunteer help tonight because we had to go to my Grandpa's viewing. Which we were late to. So of course when we are late other things happen to make you more late. I had went out to start the van before we left to warm it up. The heater fan was running fine. We get in it to leave and it is not running at all! So we get to in-laws to drop Tanner off and proceed to transfer Alis carseat base to in-laws van. Oiy!

Anyways we went to Grandpa's viewing tonight and it was OK. I know tomorrow will be much harder and tear filled. Apparently Subway is providing lunch for the whole entire family!!! Now how cool is that! I LOVE our community minded local business'. It will be very appreciated.


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