Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Our house is pretty friggon' permanent now!

So we finished our walls like I said the other day! I am about to post a lot of pictures to get you up to speed since last Friday.

 Here the walls are almost all up. Front is done and most of the backside. Have entrance to do yet.
 Back of the house at the same time as above pic.
 Hubby working putting the vent in the wall for kitchen sink.
 This looks to the south.
 Yay! Entrance almost done! We would of poured the walls the day before but it just didn't work out. Ran out of blocks for the one corner.
 Bill and Uncle Allan finishing the last bit of blocks.
 Steven doing rebar. He was whining about the working conditions, I told him to take it up with the labor board. lol.
 Almost done!
 From the inside of the entrance. That scafolding they are standing will be used to walk on to pour cement in with pumper truck.
 Looking into the house from the entrance.

 Back of house done.
 Looking from inside the house to the entrance.
 Bracing everything with plywood and 2x4's so that the blocks would stay together when we pour cement into them.

 And we are pouring!!!!!
 It was really hard to get a good pic of the pumper truck and house.

 Hubby and his Dad finishing pouring and trowelling as they go. It was quite cold and the cement was freezing pretty quick on top so they had to finish it right behind the pump.
Hubby on the last round, they do it in two rounds.

So, needless to say the house is now cement from top to bottom!!! It is a very permanent structure now!!!! No going back now. They are working on taking all the bracing off today and get ready to start putting roof on anf sheeted in so we don't have to worry about it getting full of snow! Once we get this week over with I hope to focus more on Christmas! Hopefully put tree up this wknd or next.

Anyways, I think I could have 8 or more mouths to feed today. I have two crockpots going full of steak and scalloped potatoes to come, maybe biscuits as well.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. And an extra are Wonder Woman!

  2. ha ha! i need a double oven for days like today....and Roar only showed up after eleven so he is peanuts. They are playing farm.