Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Yay! We have started the upstairs :)

So spur of the moment Corey decided that he would just take two weeks off and see if he could hire a couple of his uncles and another guy to help close in the house. We have been trying to get professionals to come but everyone is soooo busy and doesn't seem to have time till 'next week' and 'next week' if you get my drift. It took most of yesterday to put the entrance/mudroom up. The ended the day by putting the bundles of blocks up onto the upstairs floor ready to start in the morning.

 The difference between the house and the entrance is that the house is sitting on a footing. If you want to see the footing look here Footing. The entrance is sitting on piers which I don't have any pictures of. It's too much for me to explain on here. It is a lot harder to start placing and stacking the blocks on piers vs. a footing so that's why they had to fiddle with it for awhile.
 The bundles sitting on top of the floor waiting to be stacked. By the time they had quit working last night it was too dark for me to take pictures so I was outside at 8 am this morning taking pictures before they started working again and it changed again! I want to document this whole project and make an album yet.
 This is looking from the east.
 Same view of entrance, just closer.
View out of my back door. 

Now this is what they did today, well most of it...I will be snapping pictures early in the morning again because it got too dark for me. 

 From the east still. It is hard to get good pictures because we are so close to the house trailer.
 From the east but of the back of the house. Those windows are still just basement windows.
 North side of the house. Where that board is running horizontally above those basement windows is where the upstairs starts. It's hard to tell because it's all just white.
 This is the view from my living room! I hope my floor is not always this dirty! Or cluttered.... ;)
Ya there is much more than this done, so I will add more pics in the morning.

 This was my Tuesday morning view!! Just spectacular :) I was not a happy camper that morning so this helped! lol.
My babies :) Just chilling in the kitchen while I was making lunch yesterday.

Anywho, that's all for now folks!! Have a great night.

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