Monday, 16 September 2013

Less dirt! (hopefully)

We finally got a pad poured at our front door. We have been bringing ridiculous amounts of dirt in the house! I hope this cuts it down. It's actually called exposed aggregate because the rocks are all showing. And it's colored, kind of an Orange/ red color. It looks great, something my Hunny had never done before and he did a great job. (it's different than just pouring a plain old slab of cement) Anyways, this is the first house post in months lol. We still have lots to do. More insulation in ceiling, still battling plumbing leaks in basement, drywall in basement, landscaping, burying water and sewer lines(the trailer has to go in order to do this, it's sold, just waiting for it to be moved), furnace is not 100% hooked up right yet and no floor heat. The list is never ending! Anyways, have a great evening, it's beautiful out here on the veranda ;)


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