Wednesday, 11 September 2013

September Already?!

 Well technically it's been September for 11 days now....where the heck is the time going????? We have been spending quite a bit of time at the Lazy M the last month. Parked our camper there and go when we have time. It's finally cooled off at night so at least it's pretty comfortable sleeping. I love the above picture! She really is a Grandpa's girl!
 This summer Tanner has gone from not riding his bike at all, to riding non-stop! He loves his bike.
 This last Sunday we were caught right up on our combining so I grabbed at the opportunity to do something as a family. We took the kids to PCU swimming and then grabbed pizza to go on the way home. It was a lot of fun. Both our kids love water. I`m thinking that I will enroll them in swimming lessons this winter to fill the winter months.

 Here are some shots I snapped of my only flower bed I have this year. My lilies were all very late in blooming. These are almost done. I love my camera!
 This rose is from Tina W. flower garden. She passed away last winter and her daughter `gave`her plants away in exchange for a donation to the MCC.
 This rose my Dad gave me for my birthday.
My day lilies FINALLY blooming! They are usually the first lily to bloom! Not sure what s up with them. Hopefully next year is better. The other day I added some Sweet Williams to the back of the bed. I am excited to make some new beds next spring as well a garden.

Sorry I have taken so long to post, it`s just been so busy here. I feel like all I do is eat, feed, wipe bum, wipe snotty nose and sleep! lol. We have all our canola, winter wheat and barley in the bin. One field of oats is done. (Thanks to our neighbors!) So we have oats, corn (silage), green feed (oats and millet) and hay left to do. It`s scary to think that the cows are terribly far from coming home. (especially if the rumors I hear about an early winter/short fall are true) And I was just thinking the other day that pretty soon it will be my one year anniversary of my blog! lol. Not sure if anyone really gets any enjoyment out of it, but I hope so.

Oh yes I have been canning up a storm. Pickles, apple juice, apple jelly, peach jam, chili sauce and apple pie filler and I still want to make salsa, more apple pie filler and applesauce!

Anywho, have a lovely day, I have four 1 year olds and a 1 three year old in my house today! yikes.