Saturday, 19 October 2013

Busy day ahead! - Updated

Cows coming home today, selling calves and there are supposed to be guys coming to move the house trailer at 9 am this morning. The kids are hanging with grandma so I can go help sort. I am already looking forward to my bed tonight...will post pictures tonight.

I started off the morning at 6 am by drinking coffee and digging out my winter woolies to keep my feet warm. I then proceeded to go outside while the kids were still sleeping to help my hubby finish getting the trailer ready to move. The movers showed up here shortly after nine and it was gone two hours later! The porch still remains, they are coming to get it in a week or two. 

After lunch I left the kids with Grandma and I headed out to help sort calves to sell. We ended the day with Chinese food and drinks. I'm absolutely beat and ready for bed. But so so so very happy to have the trailer gone! Hope you are all having a fantastic wknd.


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