Monday, 14 October 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

This was a much anticipated weekend for me (us). I feel like my husband and I have both been going opposite for a few weeks now. We both get up around the same time usually and then we haven't really been seeing him till 9 or 10 at night. So I have been eagerly awaiting this weekend and even more so the moment I knew the crop was complete. It has been great. Friday night we went to a wedding in town here, it was beautiful! Although it was supposed to be outside it got moved indoors bc of the rain. Here's Ali all dolled up for the Wedding.

 Saturday I puttered away with odd jobs and then went to my brothers for his birthday cake. He turns 25 on Tuesday. I really enjoyed hanging out with my family. Sunday we actually had two family gatherings to be at for lunch, so we chose my side this time. Can't be everywhere! It was in my Aunt and Uncles barn and it was beautifully decorated!!!

Thanks to my cousin Sonya for the above and below pictures.

Thanks to my cousin Sonya for the above and below pictures.

Had Dad over for supper and he even brought a saskatoon pie for dessert! Mmmmmmm. Today we got a lot of odd jobs done around home that have been on the to-do list awhile. One of them being digging up and bagging all our potatoes that we planted at my Dad's place. When all was said and done we probably have about 15 sacks. Dad kept some for himself as well. Needless to say, I don't think we will be buying any this winter ;)

Tanner was a great little helper when it came to bagging the potatoes. He loves to help (for now anyways).

All in all we had a spectacular weekend and I have been savoring every moment. I am sooooo Thankful for my Husband, my children, all our family, our health, our home, our lifestyle, our friends and so so so much more. We are so blessed.


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