Sunday, 15 December 2013

Jam-Jam Cookies

I have tried making Jam-jam's before, always a failure. Last night I tried this one out of my Aunt's cookbook. I chilled the dough this time for a couple hours and that seemed to be the key. (in the past my dough was too soft and too sticky thus making it next to impossible to roll out and cut shapes) This is a cookie I grew up eating. My Mom and my Grandma's all made these. Anyways, I'm glad I found a recipe that works for me bc I think my hubby really likes these cookies. Whenever I get my computer up and running, I'll put this recipe in my Country Cookin' page.

In addition to these my Christmas baking has included: fudge, caramel square, gingersnaps, sugar cookies and shortbread so far. On my list yet is pies, tarts and perhaps more cookies yet ;)

Ps. The only thing different I did was use strawberry jam instead of raspberry jam.


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