Monday, 9 December 2013


I apologize, I have been very disappointing in the blog department! First, my computer moniter (that we bought a month ago) quit working. Secondly even though I have piles of things in my head that I would love to write about, I'm having a hard time writing them down.

Yesterday we went on our annual Christmas tree hunt. This is where traditions come in. We started chopping our own tree down the year Tanner was born. Growing up we never had a real tree. (that I know of) It was still SOOOO exciting when the tree came out to be decorated. We set our tree up last night and I let him put as many ornaments on as he wanted. Needless to say the bottom branches were very heavy laden... Ha ha. He loved it. After he went to bed I did a little rearranging. He never even noticed this morning. 

This a new tradition! I never really grew up with a ' Santa' kind of Christmas. So I don't have a lot of tact for this kind of thing but we introduced Freddie the Elf into our home on December 2, 2013. For those of you who have not heard of elf on the shelf, he appears in random places on a daily basis. (with parental assistance of course) but our children believe he is magical. They are not aloud to touch him or he will lose his magic and will not be able to get back to the north pole and give Santa his daily report. They can talk to him but he is not aloud to talk to the kids. I think this is a really fun tradition and look forward to many years yet with Freddie in our home.

We have many other traditions being implemented here in our home but that's it for now. Also, we celebrated our nephews birthday yesterday! Landen turned five years old! Happy birthday Landen!


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