Thursday, 13 March 2014

Drip, drip, drip...

A couple days ago we discovered that one of the south Windows in our living room was leaking. So my hubby squeezed through the little hole we left in the ceiling of my broom closet to see what the issue was. (the day before this happened, all the snow slid off our roof so we knew it couldn't be that) Low and behold, we have snow drifts in the attic..........yep! The ridgecap was never finished properly so I guess the snow is able to blow in there! And everytime we have an above zero day the snow melts. It quit after a day of dripping but it started again today. It's like plus six outside and oh so beautiful! It's the in between stage where the boys winter boots and clothes are soaking wet when they come in but still too cool for spring clothes and rubber boots. Blegh.

If I didn't have a house full of hooligans I'd be having coffee on my verandah.......................maybe this wknd? In between curling that is!


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