Thursday, 20 March 2014

Potty training...Need I say more ;)

 So we have been at it for three days. I'll admit, the ONLY reason I'm even trying this early (she's not two till the end of June) is I was really really hoping I have one those daughters that fit to a T into that saying "Girls are usually easier to train than boys". So Day 1 we had accidents till almost supper time, then she peed on the pot for the rest of the night. Day 2 wasn't too bad and Day 3, today, by lunchtime I quit!! She was peeing EVERYWHERE. My patient pants went out the door faster than my dogs when I'm giving them the gears. BUT. Then after supper my daughter is banging down the bathroom door. I ask her if she has to go potty? Nope. (a very fast short answer, that is the answer to everything you ask her...) She kind of wanders between her brothers room and the bathroom but continues to bang on the door and want in. So I let her in and put her on. Two minutes later, we have poop in the potty!!!! WHERE did that come from??? I'll take it. Yee haw, hopefully she keeps this up. And yes those are chocolate chips in her bowl. And yes I bribe.
 I'm folding laundry tonight and here she is...found her brothers gitchies and puts them on her head. Never a dull moment with Miss Ali. I love this girl sooooooo friggon much.

That's all folks, between that and washing muddy clothes, drying wet boots and splash pants, that's whatI've been up to.


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