Tuesday, 2 December 2014

What's been happening

 We are still plugging away with the combine. My hubby was saying last night that we have been combining for 5 months....LOL. Which is true but not full-time by any means. We are still working on sunflowers. Our remaining field will not dry down for us. Last time we checked (quite awhile ago) they were testing 15% and we'd like them to be under 10%. Preferably 9%. These pictures are from last week, we are harvesting Dad's sunnies for him. He does not have a sunflower header for his combine. Even his were only testing 12% but he has aeration for his, we do not.
 It was a cold, windy day. Of course everything is last minute around here, so Corey was able to get off of work that day so off he went. They had a pretty good day but when they stopped for coffee and Corey got out of the combine he could hear a loud hissing sound...there was a sunflower stalk stuck right through one of the BIG tires on the combine. Then he went to park it in Grandma's yard and her gate is not quite wide enough for the header on the combine and he bent something. So not a great end to the day but they did manage to stay in the field for most of the day. For lunch I made a huge pot of summer borsht and muffins along with sandwich fixings and hauled it all to Grandma's with three kids. I was tired that day.
 We went to visit a new cousin a couple weeks ago. Meet Mr. Sloan Dacey. He is technically like a 4th or 5th cousin to our kids. He came two weeks early and then spent two weeks i the hospital till he could come home. He is doing great now and is so cute! Ali loves him, she can hardly wait to meet our new little baby!
 The other day I was in MCC thrift shop and I spotted this cute little Christmas tree for $5!!!! Tanner has been bugging me for a couple weeks to set up our tree and because we like to set up a real one we don't set it up too early. So this was the perfect opportunity for the kids to decorate a tree and it's all their own! They love it.
 My new mat for my bathroom.....I love it! It's hutterite made. I wish I new how to make such things.
 My little project, I bought a used cork board awhile ago at the MCC. I wrapped twice with burlap and then I took jute string and wrapped it all around the board randomly. I will use this to display all the beautiful Christmas cards we get! I was pleased with how it turned out.
 On the weekend Friday through to Saturday we received our first big snowfall. It was even enough to take the snowmobile out! So while Daddy and Grandpa did chores, the kids and I putted around the yard. They were thrilled! And since then it has got beastly cold (-38 in the wind) so we have not been out much.

Anyways, other than that, I'm trying to finish getting ready for Christmas and baby. Tomorrow I'm going shopping with NO kids (yippee lol) and hoping to finish for Christmas. Today I'm exactly one month away from my due date...so technically next week I'll be considered full-term. Yikes, yes I am freaking out.

Happy Tuesday my friends!

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