Sunday, 19 July 2015

Checking on some of our girls and making hay!

 We've lots of rain this year and it shows! Lots of grass in this pasture. We could have more cows in here actually but we have more pasture than we do cows to put in it this year. Next year it will be different.
 They are doing good, so far no pink eye showing up.

 Miss Alaska, one of our purebred black Simmental cows.

 We have four foals this year, three fillies and one stud colt. I just love them, gangly legs and all!
 Second cut coming back nicely. In the distance you can see the marshmallow bales. Or silage bales, whatever tickles your fancy ;)
 Hay drying, soon to be baled.
Checking out the crop in a very fancy ride! With a hay rack and a team of horses. Thank God for this country life!! We are baling hay as I type, our last field to be exact.

Have a great day!

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