Friday, 17 July 2015

Half a Year Already!?

I cannot believe she is six months old already!!! It has gone by so incredibly fast. I feel like before I know it we will have another Christmas behind us, snow on our boots and her birthday will be looming in our faces!!!
 First taste of rice cereal. Don't you just LOVE the bib???? I do!
 Hamming it up with Great Grandma!
 Too hot for clothes ;)

 Sitting with her oldest cousin! (Whit is the youngest and B is the oldest.)
Snoozing on the wagon ride.

She loves swimming.
She's a smiley, happy girl.
Sleeps all night.
Likes to be rocked to sleep.
Doesn't really care for her suckie, only uses it to go to sleep.
She in size 18-24 month clothes.
Loves her exersaucer.
She will roll from her tummy to her back but not from her back to her tummy.
She is very sensitive. Any loud voices or noises and she will start to cry. Especially more sensitive in the evening close to bedtime. Gets very overwhelmed when she has strange faces all around her. 

We love her so much and can't wait to see the rest of her personality unfold. We're just hoping she's not quite the tornado her sister is! (But if she is, we'll still love her just the same LOL.)

Have a great day!

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