Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Where did that year go?!

I'm am so very behind on posting here....I've been meaning to post about our baby girls 1st birthday and it just hasn't happened!

It is just amazing how kids all have such different personalities. And the closer and closer they get to their first birthday, it really starts to shine through! I believe we have another saucy, bossy farm girl on our hands. I'm not sure if we can handle two of them!! LOL.

She has spent countless hours in her stroller in the barn, either sleeping or patiently watching and waiting till Mommy is done doing chores.

 In the barn here.

She loves riding on the side by side (just around the yard).

She loves her Daddy!! Such a Daddy's girl, gets very upset when he has to leave the house in the morning. And the second he is back in the house, she is in his arms giving kisses.

Well before her first birthday she was giving kisses, open mouthed kisses. Now she puckers her lips and does the whole sound effect and everything! So cute.

She mostly still just crawls everywhere. She can walk but still chooses to crawl.

She LOVES our blue rocker recliner chair. If you leave the footrest out she climbs right up and sits down - or not! Such a little daredevil! One day I heard screaming and I looked and all I saw was two feet sticking out between the chair and the wall. She has fallen off it many times already.

She loves to sit and stand on the little table and chairs that the kids have. I've had to set the chairs in the porch many times so she wouldn't fall and hurt herself.

She is an animal lover. Trooper, our Jack Russell, sleeps on the couch and she snuggles (and sits on him, and bites him, and hits him and pulls on his tail lol) him every chance she gets. He is very patient with her.

She is slowly getting more hair....Ali had more hair at this point in her life.

She weighs close to 30 pounds.

Also loves her Grandpa Nelson. But which grandchild doesn't?

I pretty much rocked her to sleep till her first birthday and then she just wouldn't rock with me anymore, she goes in her crib and puts herself to sleep now.

She slept through the night till about 7 months old, when she started getting teeth. Then she would get up to nurse 1-2 times a night. Right around her first birthday she started sleeping through the entire night again which is SWEET!!!! ha ha. Her older sister still doesn't sleep though the night! She basically has one nap a day.

She is not very picky about her food - loves food BUT is very picky about how she eats. She doesn't really like help, she wants to do it all herself. So right now I try to give her food that she doesn't really need help with. Independent little fart.

I nursed her till about 2 weeks past her first birthday. Bittersweet.

 This is Easter...She is wearing her sister's running shoes. She is obsessed with putting on shoes/slippers and jackets/sweaters!

I wrote this quite a few weeks ago.....She has been walking for a month plus now, has QUITE the temper, loves being outside. She can say Mum, Dad, Cheese (pictures) and Ooooo (Moooo). She has been cutting her second molar so she's been pretty crabby. She is such a loveable girl. Her siblings adore her, especially Tanner. Ali does too...She just has a not so lovable way of showing it.

 They change so much in one year!

Have a great night!


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