Sunday, 14 February 2016

Farming - A date that lasts a lifetime.

I read a post today that got me thinking. It was about how how Valentine's Day is not in the middle of calving season by coincidence. It is truly meant for ranchers wives and farmers wives. We really are one of a kind. You might ask why I sound like I am full of myself, let me explain.

1. I have never been a huge Valentine's Day fan. I mean there is nothing wrong with it by any means but honestly, I could care less to get flowers. They are just going to die anyways! (Not that I complain about getting flowers, I do like them) I just prefer to get them on all the other 364 days of the year. That's when they actually mean something. When you get them for no reason at all. And catch you totally by surprise. I'm all about practical gifts. I have got flowers many times from my farmer but I have also received great practical gifts too. For the house or farm related, it does not matter to me. One year I got a brand new pair of muck boots. Another year I got a new elmer fudd hat and hand/foot warmers. And one year I got a beautiful bouquet of red roses that cost my farmer (much to his dismay) $150. But that is a story for another day. The best gift on Valentine's Day or actually EVERY day is just being acknowledged and Thanked for everything I do.

2. We are literally what you call a jack of all trades. We wear many different hats. I do all the cooking. I wash all the clothes. I do the housecleaning (if you can call it that most days). I bake pies, tarts and cinnamon buns like you wouldn't believe. I do all the grocery shopping. I do the bookkeeping and pay bills. I spend time in the field baling, combining, raking, when our children permit ( used to do more and will when do more again kids are bit older). I help feed cattle during the winter months. I help check cows at all times of the day and night. I help process cattle. We make booboos better. We convince our children that a day at school will much more fun than combining or baling or feeding cows (NOT!). It is up to us to be the optimistic ones. When grain and cattle prices go up and down, it is up to us to be optimistic. When we are trying so hard to finish up harvest but all the equipment wants to break down continuously, we have to be the support. Which is hard because it gets us down too! But I am not the one right in the thick of the farm every single day like my farmer, so I can be the more optimistic one. I think you get my point though. Not only am I the Queen of my home - I have many responsibilities outside, beside my farmer. And that's right where I want to be.

3. I do not have a 'Hunny-Do' list. I have a "Do It Yourself' list. And most times, shit gets done! I know my farmer has lots of his own stuff to get done outside. Not only that, he works off the farm besides.  He ALSO wears many hats, just like me. Yes there are times when I have asked him to help me hang a picture or move something for me. But for the most part I just do things myself. I don't have the time to bug him and he doesn't have the time to help me. That is OK. Don't get me wrong, there are days when I wish he would help more with this or that. But c'mon, three kids suck everything out of you and then some! What do you expect? Looking after everybody and everything is hard most days.

4. "Hunny, get the kids ready, we're headed to the mart with a few cows!" "We'll get supper at the drive-in on our way to check pastures."  Heck Ya! I classify these as a date! Sure I love going out for the sole purpose of eating at a restaurant and seeing a movie (not sure when the last time was we did that) but seriously, if your are a farmers wife - you seize many opportunities that most regular wives wouldn't, as a 'date'. As farmers, we do not have or make the time to leave them farm for the purpose of a date. If we have to go for a parts run and get supper on the way - Yep it counts! I'm OK with this. Actually my favorite date night is watching a PPV movie and the kids are sleeping. It costs $8 for the movie, $4 for a bag of chips, $0 for a babysitter and Voila! Oh right, forgot to insert a couple of rum in there ;)

 Valentine's 2016 - our son was in the other tractor with Grandpa.

Basically what I'm saying is that my farmer should be damn proud to have me by his side because I am right there through thick and thin. Anything this life and farm throws at us -I'm there.

 Yes it sucks getting up in the middle of the night to check cows, but once I'm up and out there, you can really appreciate it. I actually love checking cows.

If he calls me and says,"Um, is it OK if you have lunch ready for a few extra guys in like 30 minutes???"  I might grumble but truth betold, I'm happy to feed whoever needs feeding.

Harvest gets sooooo long some years. Especially when you have to get the kids to bed every night and explain to them every night for weeks on end why Daddy is not there to tuck them in...In the end it is all worth it and I wouldn't trade this crazy, wonderful life for nothing.

But I think my farmer knows all this. He picked me after all. And I picked him.

The farm, after all, really is like being on a date that lasts a lifetime.


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