Sunday, 17 January 2016

Calving & cold temperatures

Our first calf heifers started calving a couple weeks ago. We have had -20 temperatures for most of those two weeks. This cold snap is supposed to break this week, sure hope we see it. Because they heifers are having their first calf, they are newbies, they need to be looked at every 2-3 hours. Imagine yourself babysitting but the shift never ends! Or going to work (wherever that may be) and not being done your shift for weeks or months. Thank goodness we have a nice barn that we fill with heifers every night. So the worry of having frozen calves is not as great as having to assist the heifers when calving. Last night I did the midnight shift, there was a heifer who looked the part - tail cocked off to the side and then stuck straight out, head down, just standing there looking agitated. They was no water bag though so I went back to the house, told my hubby what I seen so he knew to specially look at her. At quarter to three when my farmer went out she had the feet sticking out and he spent an hour getting that calf out. A good example of why we need to check these animals. These girls depend on us to look after them and their babies. 

It was so flipping cold last night that as I walked back across the yard my face was soooo cold it hurt. Note to self: tonight, wear a scarf or neck warmer!!!


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