Thursday, 2 January 2014

Bit by bit!

Having my hubby home over the holidays has been great! We have our cold room insulated, gyprocked and the door on. And shelves for my canning done!! I was so glad to get all my jars off the floor. We plugged the heat duct and it's been staying at about plus 12-13 in there. Just perfect! We also have most of the outside walls of the bathroom in the basement gyprocked as well, hoping to get at least a toilet and a sink in it. Eventually it will have a shower and tub as well. We Will finish putting gyprock on all the basement walls and clean up all the misc garbage for now. Then at least the boys can go play downstairs and we can set up the extra couches.

Other than that and Christmas we are processing our big cow herd today.  It's -18 right now but with the wind it's been -30+ for days now. Supposed to be nice tomorrow but also a storm rolling in......surprise surprise!

Stay warm!

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