Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Butchering Pigs

Friday night we cut up one pig that we bought butchered from a local Hutterite Colony. Then Saturday morning we butchered a pig we have had in our barn forever it seems...(another story for another day)!! I could go on and on about the process but I'll just describe what's happening in the pictures. Above we are grinding the fat. Once grinded it goes into a HUGE cast pot/tub over a fire. Once lit, it needs to be stirred constantly so it does not burn. The fat turns to liquid or hot grease basically. All the bits of meat that was left on the fat when cut up gets strained off. They are called crackles or cracklings or yiven (spelling...?) The third one is what I grew up knowing it as. You re-fry them in a pan later and can eat them
in various ways. I do not eat them anymore. We just give them away. 
 Granny cutting some fat into smaller pieces for the grinder.
 Doesn't' that look fabulous ;)
 Meat cut up ready to grind and then made into farmer sausage. Mmmmmmmmmm.
 My brother stirring the fat in the big pot I was talking about. He can NEVER take a nice picture. Ever. lol.
 Some sausage made. In the end we had over 200 lbs of would not believe how short of time it takes for to disappear!
 Still stirring......This was a job us kids got when we were younger. Gets pretty boring!
 Corey and Dad making deer sausage at this point.
 Straining the crackles from the fat. Growing up this lard is what my Mom, Grandma and several Aunts used in their cooking and baking. Some people still do. I keep mine for my turkey fryer. Honestly though, I'm willing to bet it's healthier than the tubs of margarine we buy!

All in all this was a fun productive day! I really enjoy doing this with my family. In the past (growing up) we have butchered chickens and beef as well. Definitely missed having my Grandpa there. He would often stir the fat, check the fires and just make sure we were all doing it right!! ;) The last time we butchered was when he was sick, actually i f I search I'm sure I have pictures somewhere...I might have to add to this post yet.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this & have a great evening!

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