Sunday, 12 January 2014

Fun-filled Weekend!

 Started off with a great visit with some dear friends of ours on Friday night.
 Chores! They are so much more fun when it's not -35!!!
 Ali LOVES to be outside!

 Tanner had so much fun outside today, insert a tractor noise here lol.
 Our nephew Caleb enjoying waffle Sunday at Grandma's for lunch.
 Ali is enjoying it too ;)
 Grandpa's girl!
 Always books being read around here!
 She is so busy all the time. It's funny how everyday things are more fun than toys!
 Ride on old Digger! He poked his nose into the front door.
 Perfect seat for a little one on a sleigh ride!
 Father/Son driving team together. I love pictures like these.

 Supper at the cabin.
 Hubs and I!
 She melts my heart!

The only thing not included is that we hit up a Jets game on Saturday! They lost to Columbus but still nice to get a chance to go. Hope you also had a great weekend!


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