Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Rain, Rain, Your finally gone away!

This is what our horizon to the west looked like a week ago Sunday evening. Since then we have had somewhere between 6-7 inches of rain. Of course, we were right in the middle of combining our winter wheat and we had just cut about 75 acres of 2nd cut alfalfa the day before. Corey went to check out the crops last night....it had finally stopped raining. That storm absolutely flattened our canola and oats. It also damaged some of our Sunflowers. That alfalfa, there are swaths sitting in water. That is depressing...plus we don't even have really warm weather now or a nice breeze to take up the water. So more than likely we won't be baling it.

In between all this rain, I have been wanting to blog...but what to blog about when everyone is in such a blah mood? I have been in the cooking/baking mood lately which is good because I drive myself nuts when I'm staring at the clock at 5 pm. hoping someone will come trotting in the door with a huge pizza. Simply because they are doing a good deed for the day! How come that never happens lol??? Anyways, yesterday I made a perogy and farmer sausage casserole in the slow cooker and it was delicious! I make a similar one in the oven but this was better. I will be making it again. Then this morning as the hubby is leaving for work he informs me that we have no bread left...I rarely let us run out of bread. This is an issue!! I also have wanted to find a fail proof bread recipe that slices nicely for toast and sandwiches. So - I used this as an opportunity to try yet another recipe. Soft Whole Wheat Bread. This was pretty simple and easy to make and I think it might be a keeper. We'll see how the hubby likes it. It's actually a whole wheat recipe but I'm out of ww flour so I just made them white.

Really hoping to get back to the field this weekend.......fingers crossed.

Have  a great day!

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