Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Easter, my baby girl is 3 months and finally a weiner roast!

 She would not quit staring at Grandpa to look at Mommy for the picture.

 She is very smiley but I can rarely get a picture on camera of her smiling!
 Just out of the tub!
 Easter egg hunt.
 The end result!
 Dying Easter eggs.
 A precious moment with Great Grandma.
 Our kids with Great Grandma!
 Our kids dressed up for Easter.
 Thanks Auntie Barb for the beautiful dress.
 I made a point of getting a picture of me and my kiddos, I'm never in pictures so I'm glad I did this.
 Cousins = Best Buds.
 Whit with Auntie Cheryl.
 Taking Whitley's 3 month picture, can't believe how big she's getting.
 Three months old!!!
 Finally had a weiner roast the other night, it was terribly windy as per usual lately, but oh so delicious. Smores were also involved !!
 I love love love this picture. This is a classic picture of Grandpa with his grandkids! He's started using the wagon lately, there's just too many to all fit on the quad, and they aren't even all in this picture!
 Missing Whitley, Hannah and Brooklyn.
Ali and Abigail, cousins who haven't seen eachother in months! They hit it off right away! So cute!

Have a great day!!!!


  1. The picture with the Easter baskets is hilarious! Tanner looks naked...good one for a wedding slide show. :D

    1. Ha ha lots of gitchie wearing in this house!