Thursday, 2 April 2015

My impulse buy

 The other night we were watching Dragon's Den. This woman presented a similar thing as the one pictured above, except it was for cookies. So what do I do? Google it, find it on Amazon and buy two for burgers! This one is to make burgers!! Mix up your hamburger...
 Press it into the bottom tray...(it fits exactly 2 lbs!)
 Put the lid on...
And voila! You have eight hamburgers ready to throw in the freezer! The lid or top tray cuts the burgers into hexagon shapes, you put it into the freezer and take them out as you need! I bought two because burgers are a big go to around here. 1) There is no shortage of ground beef here and 2) Anything that makes my life simpler and easier, I'm in! How great are these for harvest season or anytime really when you have unexpected guys walk in the door for lunch? Not to mention, it's thin and takes very little room up in your freezer, and also fit in a cooler nicely. 

I highly recommend buying these. :)


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