Tuesday, 16 June 2015

5 years & 5 months

 Last week one day our oldest, our son Tanner turned five whole years old! And on the same day our youngest daughter turned five months old!! So crazy how the time flies. Didn't I just give birth our first child???!!! Anyways, Grandpa took the kids and I on a wagon ride that day, the kids were excited, finally a wagon ride. They were so excited to help Grandpa drive the horses. Nice little treat.

 Whitley was on the wagon too, sleeping in her seat.
 Tanner excited about his new cowboy boots...he has been wearing them everywhere since, with shorts and all ;)
 Five months old!!!!!! Such a happy little girl. She's over 20 pounds, healthy and happy! Smiley too. She pretty sleeps all night every night. 9 pm - 6:30/7 am. The odd night she might wake up to eat once and goes right back to sleep. She spoils us rotten.
 She loves her cowie cow. (her brother named the cow lol)

 He requested a combine cake. With a bucket tractor and grain cart......this is what Mommy came up with. And just as we're ready to light the candles and sing Happy Birthday, someone pointed out that I had six candles on the cake! He was turning five!! NOT six. Sheesh. I have as lot of mommy brain lately it's scary.
 He was very excited about his gifts. More to add to his farming collection and some nice games.

 Note: There are now five candles on the cake! LOL.
Spent most of the birthday party on the deck, the mosquitoes got bad around 9-10 pm.

Happy Tuesday!

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